Art & Death: Molly Russell

image credit: Molly Russell I don’t normally post many words on here, but through the strange planet-aligning powers of social media, I’ve been in contact with someone I worked with many years ago – Molly Russell. What a pleasure it is to reconnect after all this time, and to find she is working as an artist, moreover an artist exploring my favourite themes – death and art. We didn’t once speak about art at the time! Just telly admin stuff and what we were having for lunch. So, dear readers, please go here and most definitely here to see Molly’s investigations and expressions of death and art. I know you will approve (more information after the jump). image credit: Molly Russell “Molly Russell graduated from Glasgow School of Art. In her show, ‘Dearly Departed’ she explored the themes of mortality, phobia and relationships through sculpture, photography and video. During this project she collaborated with the coffin makers, JC Atkinson and the florist, AG Price Flowers. “I’ve always been fascinated by the death rituals and traditions of different cultures and religions. When I travel I actively seek out cemeteries and research local customs, giving me a real insight into their beliefs and creative expression. I am searching for the perfect funeral. In Mexico I found colour, kitsch, laughter, humour, singing, raw emotion and a spirit of togetherness, which I found to be both positive and uplifting. In India I was inspired by a mixture of openness, spirituality and a healthy acceptance of death as a normal part of everyday life. I hope we can learn from these and other cultures; informing and ultimately liberating our own relationship with death and dying.””

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