Favourite Graves is an investigation into the dead, by British multidisciplinary artist, Marie-Louise Plum.

As a website concept, it’s pretty self-explanatory: Favourite Graves is an online photographic archive of  resting places, not restricted to cemeteries and churchyards, but also roadside shrines, memorials, marked land, burial sites and so on, collected from the UK and Europe since 2008.

As an art project, Favourite Graves is more complex. What started as hobbyist collecting, shared originally as a blog, developing as social media changed, has grown into a sprawling research project.

In addition to covering aesthetic interests of unique grave decoration, curious epitaphs and symbolism, the more time spent alone with the resting meant the project has developed into a mission to decipher what the dead mean to the living, and in particular, in relation to the times we are living in today.

“We know the living – they are there: physical, tangible, as is our output as humans… strands, visible truths, knowns and unknowns, relations, shared experiences, memories. But what are the connections in death?

After the funeral, after the celebration of their life, after being laid to rest. What does a grave we stumble across, perhaps with our own birthdate, a similar name, place of birth – what does that mean to us, and how far do we get involved with this memory of a person?”

Please note that any requests for the removal of photographs from this website will be considered. It is not the intention of the artist to cause offence or invade the privacy of grave dwellers, owners, or their families.