Rows, St.Joseph’s Missionary, Mill Hill, London, UK.

Hello! Not posted in a while, have many other projects going on. This is an interesting picture as it’s taken at the burial ground in the now abandoned (apart from when in use for filming) St. Joseph’s Missionary College, London. You can read more about the place here.

Hendon Crematorium, North London, UK.

What better way to spend a rain sloshed Sunday than slithering about Hendon Crematorium with my macro lens? I haven’t got a good collection of graveside detail so far, I mean a real ‘close-up’. So today I concentrated on taking tight shots and spent time looking for details that really stood out – ornaments, flowers (both real and not), cracks, chips, growths and grooves. Here follows an establishing shot of the lovely gothic Old English signage, plus a few of my favourites from today…

This is the last photo I took and my lens was pretty smudged up by that point.

Kindred Spirits

The following have been so kind as to mention me in or link me from their blogs. It’s only right that I do the same in return, especially because all of the blogs below are excellent resources for grave minded folk.

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Madonna and Christ at Kensal Green Cemetery, London, UK.